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The Impact of Social Media on Your Personal Injury Case

Posted on October 27, 2023

To protect your personal injury case, reviewing and adjusting your social media privacy settings is crucial. Ensure that only trusted friends and family can see your posts, and be cautious about accepting friend requests from people you don't know. However, remember that privacy settings are not foolproof, and it's always best to exercise caution in what you post.

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Workers’ Compensation vs. Personal Injury Claims: Key Differences

Posted on September 15, 2023

Consulting with an experienced Charleston workers' compensation attorney can help injured workers make informed decisions and navigate the legal and insurance company process effectively. Should you require help with Charleston workers' compensation, contact the professionals at Phipps Firm today.

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The Phipps Firm Four (4) Tips to Avoid a DUI Charge!

Posted on March 1, 2022

For most of us, seeing the flashing lights on a police car behind us automatically puts us on high alert - whether or not we are doing something wrong.

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The Phipps Firm Four (4) Steps to Take After an Automobile Collision

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There are not many things that are as overwhelming and scary for a driver as a car accident. Whether it is a major crash or a fender bender, the steps you take immediately following the collision can have serious repercussions for your overall case.

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