The Impaired Driving

In Charleston, South Carolina you have to be driving a motor vehicle in order to be arrested for a DUI. To be convicted, the state will have to prove that your ability to drive had been materially and appreciably impaired. There are several dozen visual cue descriptions that may be used by police in determining and detecting drunk drivers. Some of the cues used by police are as follows: swerving, weaving, drifting, improper turns, no headlights on, and erratic movements. When multiple cues are observed at night by police a driver’s chances of being stopped are increased. How do we know all of these cues? Edward L. Phipps was formerly a police officer who is now a DUI lawyer in Charleston, SC.

Driving cues are just one part of the equation in a DUI case. Driving alone may not be what will potentially get you arrested and/or convicted of a DUI. There are many reasons why a non-drunk driver may be observed by police with one or more of the DUI cues. The Phipps Law Firm has the knowledge and experience needed to defend the worst of any alleged driving cues.

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