The You

The “You" matters! What you have done in your life, the past, present, and future, all matter to the prosecutor and potentially to the outcome of your case. A delivery driver who is married with three (3) children and no criminal record potentially will be observed differently than a person who does not need a driver’s license as part of his/her employment and who has a history of criminal convictions. College age drivers and younger persons behind the wheel are often looked at differently due to the fact that they are just getting started in life. Regardless of your circumstance, trust in Charleston DUI attorney Edward L. Phipps to aggressively represent your case.

A Charleston DUI conviction can have an effect on your job, schooling, ability to provide for yourself and your family and potentially your future. The Phipps Law Firm will strive to animate and advocate the “You" for you. The Phipps Law Firm has the experience needed to convince a prosecutor that you deserve the benefit of discretion and an alternative outcome to a Charleston DUI conviction.

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