The Phipps Firm Four (4) Steps to Take After an Automobile Collision

There are not many things that are as overwhelming and scary for a driver as a car accident. Whether it is a major crash or a fender bender, the steps you take immediately following the collision can have serious repercussions for your overall case. At a time when you might find yourself shaken and unsure about what to do, the Phipps Firm Four (4) can help guide you through the first couple of hours to ensure that you do all that is necessary to make the outcome more positive!

1. Call 911/ the Authorities

Sometimes after a car accident, it can be difficult to decipher who is at fault, or if anyone is at all. The best thing to do is not admit fault or make any statements about what you were or were not doing. It is critical that you call the authorities to file an accident report that gives the pertinent information you will need to submit to your insurance company and for your own records. A police officer might be able to ascribe fault or not, but either way, you need to get it all in writing.

2. Take Pictures/Notes

A picture is literally worth a thousand words. You will likely have your version of events, and the other motorists will have theirs. While you’re waiting for the authorities, make sure to take photos of all angles of the accident and the cars involved. You will need to have a copy of them in case it escalates to a court case and you need proof. If you can’t take pictures yourself, have someone do it for you.

3. Go to the Hospital

After an accident, most people are shaken and don’t want to go through the hassle of an emergency room visit, especially if they don’t think they are injured. The problem with auto accident injuries is that they are often not felt until after the accident. You need to be evaluated by a doctor to make sure that if something surfaces later, you have the paper trail to prove that it is directly related to the accident itself.

4. Call Your Lawyer at The Phipps Firm

Being in an auto accident can be incredibly unnerving and emotional. The last thing, but actually the first thing, to do is to call the Phipps Firm to ensure that you have someone on your side aggressively advocating for you! . Contact our office today if you have been involved in a car collision  and need representation!

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